Cadmop - 3

 ......................functions of the Supervisor 
Motivation does not mean extracting more work by offering  inducements or making one to show higher performance for giving  cash incentive, promotion etc.  Supervisors can use a number of motivational techniques some of which are:
  1. Providing positive feedback to the higher management on the achievements of individuals which should also be made known to the employee themselves.
  2. Persuading unwilling workers to work hard for achieving targeted goal  and resort to   adverse reporting only when all efforts to bring the employee on track  failed to yield the desired result.  This should also be done in full knowledge of the employee who may correct himself on knowing the facts fearing administrative action.
  3. Never rush to the higher ups reporting  petty matters and instead sort out issues at unit level to infuse confidence  in the minds of employees working under  him.  
  4. Assigning challenging task to individuals within unit work level for testing their skill and then proper reporting to higher authorities on the performance of those really skilled employees in full knowledge  of the employee himself  who may feel that some one above him is helping him in his career development
  5. Providing guidance, support and parting with  the techniques which they have learnt by (supervisors) experience over the years for better  yield
  6. Keep consulting trusted lots in hour  of crisis and when positive result is achieved out of the discussion, give credit to the employees whose valuable suggestions contributed to the cause and ensure that the fact is made known to the higher authorities in full knowledge of the employee to infuse more confidence on him.
  1. Not an yes man always to either Management or the Worker. The facts are to be conveyed to higher Management and as disciplined soldier but their advice be followed unless otherwise such advise according to the Supervisor may bring in negative result. The duty of the Supervisor is to express the true opinion, but remain a committed soldier.
  2. Displaying total commitment to the work.
  3. Strict in work, but humane in other aspects.
  4. Interacting effectively between higher management and the subordinates to sort out misgivings.
  5.  Displaying true values and belief in life to the best extent possible.
  6. Remain neither too close with workmen nor far away from them too. 
  7. Communication only on work to work basis avoiding loose talks and gossiping in work area but at the same time give impression that they are one amongst them. Never allow others to divert their true actions or attention in work.
  8. Never look everything with suspicion as many ignorant slips in performance may have genuine reasons.
  9. Always differentiate the relationship between himself and the management on one side and himself and the workers on the other side.
  10. In the event of an unfortunate incident the supervisor first open up the dialogue with the errant workers either directly or through his trusted friends to convince them that what they are doing is wrong. Till the mission to convince them failed one should not aggravate the situation to go out of hand. be continued